Advanced Storage Concepts, Inc.

A bit of ASC History

  • For the nascent PC market:  designed and produced a caching disk controller to greatly reduce disk access times (then around 90MS!) that contained very sophisticated disk caching algorithms.  This led to the selection of an ASC-written article for the cover of UNIX World magazine.
  • Built first SCSI adapter containing a BIOS
  • For NV Philips (co-inventor of the CD-ROM):  designed and provided initial production units for world’s first SCSI CD-ROM interface, the only design submitted that passed Apple’s initial testing.
  • For Associated Press:  produced ~1000 systems for image processing (in 1980s-90s every AP image worldwide passed through an ASC board).
  • For several European telecommunication companies: provided thousands of SCSI Hard Disk, Tape and Optical Disk emulation systems for back-end record archiving.
  • For Warner Bros. and Disney:  demonstrated system for post-production audio editing that would have won for ASC a Technical Academy Award nomination (meeting all 5 technical requirements for Sound Innovation). 

  • For Boeing: designed a solid-state Hard Disk replacement module for the AWACS fleet
  • For Honeywell:  ASC sold and still supports ~100 Target-Mode systems for emulation of all ISS (International Space Station) storage subsystems.
  • Various sales to NASA, Army, Naval Warfare Center.

  • Roland digital audio recorder user community:  ASC adapted its Hard Disk and CD-ROM emulation systems into a user-level Windows application (VirDIS – Virtual Disk Image Server) for porting audio content from desktop recording systems to the PC.
  • Other desktop digital audio workstation (DAW) manufacturers include: Sony, AKAI, Yamaha, Kurzweil, KORG and several others.