Advanced Storage Concepts, Inc.

A bit of ASC History

  • For several European telecommunication companies like Alcatel provided thousands of SCSI Hard Disk, Tape and Optical Disk emulation systems for back-end record archiving.
  • For Warner Bros. and Disney:  demonstrated a four-PC, eight ASC-adapter system for post-production audio editing that could have (if not nixed by the unions) won for ASC a Technical Academy Award nomination (met all 5 technical requirements for Sound Innovation!)
  • For Associated Press:  produced ~1000 systems for image processing (in 1980s-90s every AP image worldwide passed through an ASC board).
  • For NV Philips (co-inventor of the CD-ROM):  designed and provided initial production units for world’s first SCSI CD-ROM interface, the only design submitted that passed Apple’s initial testing.
  • For the early PC market:  designed and produced a caching disk controller to greatly reduce disk access times (then around 90MS!) that contained very sophisticated disk caching algorithms.  For this product ASC wrote an article that made the cover of UNIX World magazine
  • Built first SCSI adapter containing a BIOS.

  • For Boeing: designed a solid-state Hard Disk replacement module for the AWACS fleet
  • For Honeywell:  ASC sold and still supports ~100 Target-Mode systems for emulation of all ISS (International Space Station) storage subsystems.
  • Various sales to NASA, Army, Naval Warfare Center.

  • Roland digital audio recorder user community:  ASC adapted its Hard Disk and CD-ROM emulation systems into a user-level Windows application (VirDIS – Virtual Disk Image Server) for porting audio content from desktop recording systems to the PC.
  • Other desktop digital audio workstation (DAW) manufacturers include: Sony, AKAI, Yamaha, Kurzweil, KORG and several others.