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VirDIS-1 (PCI/PCI Express)

What IS VirDIS®?

VirDIS®, from Advanced Storage Concepts, Inc., is a hardware/software solution that can transfer a recorder’s content onto a Windows-based PC.  {Other platforms will be added with the release of VirDIS-2.}  With the free included 'VS Wave Export' utility can open VirDIS image files and all the tracks of songs/projects can then be exported to WAV files.  The included SCSI cable and ASC Target SCSI (PCI or PCI Express) adapter serve as the portal into the PC – and beyond.

How does it work?

VirDIS® fools the recorder into thinking there is a Hard Disk and/or CD-R attached to the (provided) SCSI cable.  It does this by emulating a these devices on ASC’s PC-based hardware/software platform (cable and PCI/PCI Express board included).  Once a VirDIS file (disk image) is formatted by the recorder, it can be seen by the recorder (Project List on the Roland VS-2480) as a 'blank' drive of whatever size the user has specified e.g. up to the Roland partition size of 11 Gigabytes.  One can then copy one song/project to this VirDIS file or all the songs/projects of that Roland partition.  This automatically gets all your content onto the PC and also provides a replacement in case your recorder's IDE drive decides to pack it in.  We also include VS Wave Export, a free utility, which allows all the tracks of a song/project to be exported to WAV files for using them in other tools.

Much more than a backup tool!

But VirDIS® isn’t just a transfer program or backup tool!  It can serve as your default or replacement (in case of failure) drive for your internal Roland IDE drive.  So you can have some projects on the IDE and some (or all) residing on the PC for interactive use.  That means you can move song/project files to the PC and work with them there.  The recorder will remember that it was working on a file located on the SCSI cable and open it up at boot time.  From that point on the recorder is basically directly connected to the PC!  You can also record to it and do playbacks - with your content never leaving the PC.

VirDIS files make archiving your work a breeze, since are just that – files.  They are ordinary files on your PC and can be copied anywhere.  Indeed it can exist anywhere too - like on a USB stick, external HD or even on a network drive.  So you automatically have all sorts of backup and archiving choices and never have to lose any content ever again!